Saturday, October 31, 2009

It Never Occurred To Me

While out with friends last night, I, again, recently discovered (look's like this is a week of discoveries) that I have not memorized a single song. I can sing along now and then with the others, I can hum the tune, I can belt out in karaoke bars but I cannot sing alone in front of an audience as I have not a memorized a single song (not even the songs in musical shows which I claimed I love so much!) In short, I cannot survive without the lyrics right in front of me. Trust me, try as I may, I can't think of a song last night and it only made me frown. I even confused/interchanged some of the words of our beloved Lupang Hinirang (yes, I know, shame on me...)

So, today, I added an entry to my 'to do' list...memorize a song that I like by the end of the week. Hahahaha.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Recent Discoveries

I discovered that no matter how enticing the thought of being with that person again is(the one you used to adore), in the end, it will always remain just a 'thought'. A thought that merely exists because you need to challenge your loyalty once in a while. It is there simply to give you the bitter taste as opposed to the sweets that you are currently enjoying. The note that plays out of tune to the music that you have been listening to, with a simple objective of making you frown now and then so that you'll appreciate the music better.

I discovered that when it came to a point where I will be made to choose between being with the man I used to love and the man I have learned to love, I will choose the latter. Thus, I will choose Lon instead of Noah (if I may borrow the characters of the movie/book 'The Notebook').

I discovered that the concept of second chances in love exist only in movies and books since faith gives you one chance to make it right and if you were not able to do so on the first instance then that opportunity has passed.

I discovered that I really do not make sense in most times and I knew this when I reflected on how I handle difficult situations like rainy days, misplaced and unreturned laundry items and troubleshooting computer issues (not so difficult for most people but if you look closer, you can tell a lot about people just by observing their reactions to supposed-simple issues).

I discovered that no matter what the status of my relationship with my parents or siblings is or how bad it will get sometimes, I will love them always.

I discovered that I can write as many hate-mails to God (and continue with my silly attempts of ignoring Him) but I will always come back running to Him in the end.

I discovered that I have been contradicting myself for the longest time when I criticized people who like putting things off (rescheduling items that are supposed to be completed within the day for tomorrow's agenda), as I have been unwittingly doing the same thing for years. Putting off graduate studies until 7 years have passed, putting off visiting Egypt while I was in Dubai/Bahrain (now it's even more expensive to go there since I am back home), Putting off buying a car (now I would have to save money again since I have wasted the money I initially saved) etc.

I discovered that my love for 'rock, wild and crazy' was a phase that I have outgrown without even knowing or trying. And I hope that, if my children in the future will go through the same phase, I will have enough patience and compassion to handle them.

Monday, October 19, 2009


The semester is finally over. Although I can't say that there really is a difference since next semester's class starts this Saturday (and enrollment is this Thursday). Anyway, I am just glad that I finished the semester with flying colors. Of course, my work is still there. Again, I cannot really say that I was as contented as before (when I first started), I guess the frustration finally caught up with me. So again, the usual scenario, juggling work-school-and everything else.

Shoo away now. Nothing new to read here. haha.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wanted: Vacation

I feel like my body is about to break. I need rest and the only reason I have an entry today was solely because of the sad truth that I am waiting for all the files to finish downloading. For the past few days, I have been busy with so much paperwork which piled up over the weekend, evaluations that never seem to have any impact at all and of course, presentations---endless presentations. It is now 1:41 AM and I am still awake. My back is aching and my eyes can barely stay open. My brain, I believed, has flipped the sign and it now says 'CLOSE'.

Do I love my job? Do I love my job? Do I love my job?

Sigh. I badly need a vacation.

Monday, October 5, 2009


(Still) After performing at the La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art in Bahrain; In celebration of the 'Spanish Nights: La Cultura Espanola'. June, 2005.


After performing at the La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art in Bahrain; In celebration of the 'Spanish Nights: La Cultura Espanola'. June, 2005.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

After 'Surrogates'

When I was first introduced to the trailer of the movie Surrogates, I immediately marked my calendar and anxiously waited. When it was finally shown, I had but a few apprehensions. Second-hand apprehensions (specifically) as the movie was not appreciated by the supposed critics as per a co-worker and a friend. They even added that I should just watch it at home rather than waste money in the theater. Anyway, I decided to take my chances and watch it in the big screen since that was originally my plan. Then, I will decide.

The final was interesting and entertaining. And I will recommend people to watch it. I don't know where since it really does not matter, just as long as you watch it. Okay, it was a little boring in the beginning and the narrative lacked something that I cannot seem to point my fingers to, but surely, we found the possibility of ideally living our lives while jacked up at home enticing enough to say that the movie was not that bad. Further, it was quite smart, in fact, the smartest sci-fi movie for quite some time now. Lastly, the effects and the robot-stuff were quite acceptable.

Overall, I will give it 4 out of 5 stars!