Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Paulo's Pencil

1. the pencil cannot just simply function on its own, it is guided by a hand and we like to believe that THAT HAND is God.

2. sometimes the hand has to stop writing and sharpen the pencil…therefore, it is alright to feel a little pain, a little disappointment (all are ’little’ regardless of what we claim) and suffer for a while; if, in replacement, the act would sharpen us anyhow and make us function better.

3. the wooden exterior holds little siginificance…it’s what is inside that counts…thus, that so-called lead is all that matters (since it is the main reason why a pencil exists in the first place).

4. sometimes we make errors (being humans we are prone to such) and that is why a pencil is packed with an eraser, which will allow us to correct whatever wrong things we have done.

5. we have to remember that although we have erased the error, we will always leave a mark…just like all actions always do.

Monday, October 6, 2008

How the world was once a perfect Rubik’s Cube.

While on my way to work…i have observed that a lot of street vendors are including Rubik’s Cubes-slash-”Stress Balls” in their merchandise…and i watched how people fancied themselved with enthusiastically twisting the darned things here and there, only to scratch their heads later after realizing that putting them back to their original form was even more difficult as perceived. And it dawned that they were not as smart as they thought they were, they end up shrugging off and making Stress Balls out of the Rubik’s Cubes (if they were made of rubber) but if not, they end up stacking them somewhere. How typical. How very obvious. You see, it is our nature to experiment…to try all sorts of things…to do and undo everything that we can get our filthy hands on…to change but restore later…to blind ourselves that we can ultimately copy what God can do…to destroy and fix again what we have destroyed…we just can’t help being curious…and of course, the end product would be—the death of us all.