Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why Batanes?

After a series of 'unfortunate'...wait...let me rephrase that, as the word 'unfortunate'is an understatement. After a series of grievous events which included a cheating ex-boyfriend who had the nerve to end a 4-year relationship, an unlikely administrative hearing at work and a freaking thief who callously removed my back door to steal my much needed electronic devices (Please take note that all catapulted last September of this year), I decided to stop pestering God with "Why's" and forced my sorry ass to move forward. And by forward, I meant re-organizing my life. Four years ago, I decided to plant my roots in Cebu City because I have stupidly believed that it was time to put a salve on that gnawing wanderlust. Four years ago, I stopped what I loved doing which were dancing and traveling so that I can settle for an 8-hour job that helped me pay for the mortgage of the house I bought. I told myself then that dancing, despite my satisfaction after performing on stage, was just not lucrative enough to pay for pragmatic needs. I also told myself then that the temporary 'highs' of discovering new places cannot compensate the 'lows' thereafter once you were confronted with the fearful fact that your finances will not survive until the next week; much less, pay for an improbable emergency which can happen anytime. So, after realizing that I have drowned in so much drama for four years, I finally updated my itinerary and decided to go through the whole process of being whole again after coming undone.

With this in mind, what better way to accomplish such a feat by going to a place where you have always dreamed of going but just never had the courage to do so. Since I have always wanted to go to Batanes, why not throw caution to the wind and try my luck in the Seair contest. According to the fan page in facebook, South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) will be choosing seven lucky bloggers to join a bloggers' tour of the Batanes winter from January 28 to 30, 2011. This includes round-trip tickets from Manila to Basco and accommodation in Basco. If you want to know the details, you can check their fan page link at their facebook fan page.

You must be wondering, what will one crazed, broken-hearted ballerina do in Batanes? I can think of several interesting things to do.

First, since the Ivatans have developed their own culture, this can be a helpful respite. These days, I desperately need a different environment that can aid in contributing a productive kind of distraction. This will help me deviate my attention from the crap that I have gone through in the last previous months.

Second, the landscape of Batanes is quite distinct from other Philippine provinces. It features steep cliffs, rolling hills, deep canyons and boulder-lined shores, quite conducive to what I intend to do which are to scream profanity and vent my loathing to the ocean where it can be drowned by the roaring waves.

Third is the most noticeable of all features of Batanes which is the architecture of the houses - stone walled and thick thatched roofs to withstand the battering of typhoons. I like to think of myself likened to such houses and that what I am going through is just another nasty phase that anyone can surpass in time.

Fourth, I heard the food is inexpensive as inexpensive as can be. Since I have always enjoyed eating and have never been afraid to experiment, I would not think twice if there will be a need to binge or shall I say, pig out. I think I deserve it.

Lastly, I was about to write something about "freezing to death' but I was corrected by my bestfriend as this notion (according to her) is grammatically incorrect. So, I am rewording it as advised. My main point is, as what is commonly known, freezing temperature often helps in re-organizing priorities and creating fresh ideas for survival's sake and I am thinking that since Batanes' climate will dip as low as 7 degrees centigrade on January, then I'm quite sure that this will help me achieve what was noted.

So what do you say, Seair? Do I deserve a trip to Batanes?