Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Executive Order (EO) 366

The government states that the country is in crisis and one way of saving money is thru Executive Order (EO) 366 which was supposed to improve efficiency and quality of services through rationalization. As a result, as of the end of January 2009, the number of retrenched workers has already reached almost 20,000 while another 10,000 employees had their working hours reduced.

Yes, the country will definitely save more money by getting rid of those employees whose job titles, I directly quote a friend, were useless. Yes, the quality of government services will probably improve now that the employees who were not given notices will be forced to work rather than just bum around in the offices for 8 hours because this time the said offices will have just enough manpower to complete everyday tasks. And yes, this was the government’s direct answer to the people’s cry for help.

But what form of help was given to that laborer who was one of the unfortunate workers who was given an elimination notice despite of working in NFA for 12 years? How do you justify giving employees the boot after these same people have consented to 10-20 years of menial employment in return for a monthly salary that barely covers their family’s basic needs? Why should this so-called strategic review of all government operations and organizations be deemed desirable at this time when the global economic crisis clouds over us and continues to threaten job security here and abroad? When will the same elimination notices be given to government employees who held high yet also useless positions and are paid four times higher than the laborers who were given notices? It was noted that those who were affected “can opt to avail of the generous separation plan or to stay in the government via a transfer” but where do they transfer when all other agencies are conducting their own rationalization plans? And since the aim was to save money, to whom will the revenue be distributed to---will it go to the people or will it simply vanish into thin air and straight into a corrupt official's pocket like how it usually does?

I like to think that this rationalization program is like a fitness program. The decision to carry out such a program should not be taken lightly and should be committed to the fact that all individuals affected by the program are convinced of its benefits and its risks. And like any fitness program, it requires the sacrifice of time and effort to make everyone function accordingly. Hence, we cannot just apply the program on one or some parts as this will not achieve balance at all. In fitness, if you want to lose weight, you cannot just start doing leg or butt exercises just because those were the most prominent parts of your body. You are going to follow a strict program that will require a portion of sacrifice from each part of your body and maybe later, once you have achieved your ideal weight, you can then focus on the most prominent parts for toning. Again, for toning only, never to do away with these prominent parts as these are considered your assets.

If we will imagine Executive Order (EO) 366 as a fitness program and it was actually applied to someone who wanted to be physically fit, the end result would be a person having a TOP HEAVY STRUCTURE WITH SKINNY LEGS.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Si Manay

Caution: Some lines may not be suitable for young readers, discretion is advised. This was created when the writer's state of mind (and emotion?) was nowhere close to normal.

hoy ipokritang Manay
talagang pinipikon mo ako
'tang ina ka, ang pangit ng palda mo

ginagago mo ba ang iyong sarili
sa paniniwalang mas nakakaangat ka
boypren mong "kumot-kumot" binabalahura

siguro bago kayo naghahalikan
naglalagay ka muna ng deodorant sa bibig
para na rin sa kilikili niyang tinutubig

pak shet pepe mo meh nana
hugasan mo muna bago mo ipa-finger sa Pana

di ka naaawa sa asawa mo sa pinas
hiwalayan mo na siya at mawawalan siya ng malas
at ikaaw kung nabuntis, siguradong si Pana mo maghuhugas

eh yung mga anak mo
di mo ba sila naiisip
kunsabagay kelan ka ba talaga nag-iisip, bwisit!

kunwari ka pang pabasa-basa ng bibliya
si Madam Auring ang kausapin mo
nagmamalinis na puta

lumayu-layo ka
at baka gugulpihin kita gamit ay batuta

ang tindi mo
pinagseselosan ang lahat
kala mo pumapatol kami sa mukhang peklat

ginagawa mo pang motel ang dating kwarto ni Arkhom
dyugdyugan blues at kung ano pang naaayun
pag ako napuno, ako'y magsusumbong sa hukom

tanggap ko pa kung hindi ka naninigurado
eh segurista ka kasi
pasensha ka, sayo---wala akong respeto

goodluck sa'yo, sana ay matauhan ka
susuka muna ako, bumaliktad kasi aking sikmura

Thursday, February 19, 2009

For The Sake Of Change

Because I felt like nothing was really happening to my life (despite of my many attempts to make "change" happen), I decided to do something impulsive and unexpected. I decided to cut my long, lush, dark brown hair short. I was never so sure in my entire life and it felt good. It felt good that I was able to control THIS one, small thing. It felt good to be able to control when you want the haircut done, where you want it and how you want it styled. It felt good not to pray for it to happen because it was merely one, simple act which did not require prayers and the end result is something you have planned on achieving.

It was a relief to get rid of all that hair anyway which I was growing for the most insane reasons. It was a thrill to watch the Stylist chop it all off with more concern than I can ever master.

Bolder. Less hassle. More practical. Perfect.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just Another Thought

The best thing about being around an Egoist is that Egoists are never caught dead talking about other people. Sure, it gets tiring listening to the same old story over and over again, not to mention that the hero/villain of the story will always be "one and the same" but (PLEASE do admit) that it beats listening to a story that gets re-invented everytime another individual joins the discussion.

So, with this in consideration, I honestly will not mind being labeled as an Egoist---in fact, I'll take it as a compliment.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


the heat burns like tiny daggers of helplessness
biting, gnawing at your skin
even the air suffocates
and an umbrella would look very silly here

we crossed streets without care
loaded with grocery bags filled with cheap supplies
the sun blazes even greater as the hours grow late
little people --- those burly men thought
out of bigotry maybe or, simply, adoration
we will never know
we huffed to our apartment
backs stooped and sweat dripping
a cab would be impractical

before closing the door and
turning on the beloved air conditioner
you sniff for that smell you miss
coconut cream --- so foreign
so far from home
sadly, you close the door
this is your dream, this is reality
live it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Must Read

And Kat said during our rehearsal for the He-Me-She-It in the Virgin Labfest show, "Oi basahin niyo toh---favorite ko toh. It will be a good read and you can finish it in 5 minutes!" Back then, I honestly didn't know who the author was and (I daresay now) didn't take Kat seriously after she quoted 5 minutes. Who can finish the book in 5 minutes? Just staring at it (At that time I still have not opened the bok yet)made me dizzy since we were already given multiple scripts to memorize and I didn't think that I can load more thoughts in my already cramped brain. But because, she insisted and all other scholars in the theater seemed to know what the book was already (secret: out of fear of being left out), I decided to have a whack at it and to my surprise, Kat was right. It was a good read. And I am proud to say that I now have my own copy which I was able to buy for 120 pesos at the Book Sale Shop. FYI, Kat bought hers for 600+ pesos. Good read, great buy. Thank you, Kat.

After reading "The Missing Piece", you should proceed to reading its sequel. I still do not have a copy but I am constantly hoping that I will get lucky (again!) like the first time. I have made it a habit to always drop by all Book Sale Shops or second hand stores to check if I can get my hands on the sequel. Unfortunately, I have not been too lucky. The brand new book costs around 600+ sue me if I am such a cheapskate.

Sticks and Stones: A Debate Between Ex-Lovers (Volume 2)

Volume 2: What It Was Like

what a way to die
beside a man whose face i do not see
every night
as his calm hands rove my body
likened to tiny spiders
ready to draw webs
of uncanny wrath which i never knew he owned
he is somewhere now i know
she graces his thoughts
then, now, always

what a way to die
beside a woman whose face i do not know
every morning
as i cupped her face with my steady hands
like holding diamonds
drowning, forever drowning in its pricelessness
smiling in her sleep
i know she dreams of adventures
and probably, i fear, of that other doctor
then, now, always

Cynthia: Where was the man I married?
Danny: Who is this woman I married?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sticks and Stones: A Debate Between Ex-Lovers (Volume 1 )

Volume 1: How They Met


here was where they stole one another's future
the healers bend to breathe life to the willing
and angels wait in dark halls to snatch lives whenever they can
here was where she burned the picture of that man
while he---hid the memories of that nurse
in the depths of his sleep
they held their hands out to reach each other's throats
ready for the kill
the dreaded year
she stashed her traveling bags under their beds
along with the million promises of the man who came back too late
as for him, he folded his nurse's scent into the tiniest parcel
away from her prying eyes
and they waged their war against the world that day
each with swords too big for them to carry
like children playing house
"I am Baba and you are Mama"
they played but lost
played until their 23rd year but lost still
Lancelot and Elaine
fate tagged their babies with prices
one with confusion, the other with dependence and the youngest with
for the sins of 1975
a toast to their bitter union
a toast to borrowed love lost
the end of it all

Good Morning, Den

9:30 AM. I woke up staring at the ceiling again. Stared at it for (a good) 30 minutes or more so.I watched those silly ants make endless trails from where ever they were from to where ever they intend to go, avoiding cracks which will only disrupt them. I thought, at least - silly as they are - they know where they are going.

I shut my eyes again to try to get 15 needless minutes of sleep. Failed. Instead, I just shoved my dog-eared blanket aside and tried to sit up so I can start getting ready for work. Stood up, scratched my ass (not because it needed scratching but because I thought that’s what normal losers do in the morning). Walked to and from the sink and my tiny closet whilst brushing my teeth. Lately, I seem to be having difficulty deciding, even in the smallest tasks, such as, what to wear, what to eat, when to leave…all the way to the endless question: WHAT DO I WANT?

Rummaged through my messy closet, finally decided to wear something safe and plain before taking a shower. 45 minutes passed before I emerged from the bathroom and I felt as wet and dead as my supposedly new-rebonded hair.

By then, it was 11:00AM. I dragged myself to where I threw my clothes for the day. Carelessly put them on and powdered my face. I have practically wasted my time (worthlessly) preparing for another day in the office.

11:30 AM. I grabbed my bag and put on my shoes. Smiled.

Another day, another war to wage. Bring it on!